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The compulsory obligatory BLOG (Weblog)

(02 July 2003 +) Yet another significant gap in my epiphenomenal blogland ... I think we had a little war in the interval; actually we had a pretty signficant war; the Middle East is getting a makeover; precursor for the Middle West makeover ... The economy is NOT TOO HOT ... in fact its sort of approaching zero degrees Kelvin,  we need some serious thermodynamic boost here soon or the cost of blogging will be overwhelming.  Speaking of boost ... I'm taking a look at some of the products mentioned here that one wouldn't think of at first blush ...  take a look at these  ... maybe you can figure out why some folks really got all excited about them.
The Limits of Logic: Higher-Order Logic and the Lowenheim-Skolem Theorem
Credit Ratings: Methodologies, Rationale and Default Risk
Handbook of Physiology, Section 2: The Cardiovascular System, Vol I: The Heart
Probiotics 2: Applications and Practical Aspects
Flavonoids and Other Polyphenols (Methods in Enzymology, Vol 335)
Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives (5th Edition)
Probiotics 3 - Immunomodulation by the Gut Microflora and Probiotics
 The book The Insulin-Resistance Diet : How to Turn Off Your Body's Fat-Making Machine got a lot of attention  - so this must be important; also, for reasons that escape me Tensors, Differential Forms, and Variational Principles was hot.  I can understand, Feeding Your Allergic Child: Happy Food for Happy Kids: 75 Proven Recipes Free of Wheat, Dairy, Corn, and Eggs for the Millions of Miserable Children  , The Wrinkle Cure: Unlock the Power of Cosmeceuticals for Supple, Youthful Skin,  Syndrome X: The Complete Nutritional Program to Prevent and Reverse Insulin Resistance, and finally The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief were very popular!
so we'll see what happens next.  By the way, Larry King was awesome at the HLS commencement ... I don't really watch him much on TV but in person he can be very compelling.
(24 February 2003 ++) Its been two months since the last add ... well not really ... two focused sites have been added.    Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: First Amendment First addresses LLPOH significance and general rants. Prime-radiant is more technical and is oriented at long term futurology and supporting technologies.

HP iPAQ 1910 Pocket PC   Is amazing ...

and so is

Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 PDA which boasts a powerful Intel StrongARM 206 MHz processor, 64 MB standard memory, an MP3 and MPEG-1 multimedia player, and a voice recorderan integrated keyboard with a sliding cover. and is an  open-source Linux/Java-based platform.

Life IS good if you like nifty PDAs.
(24 December 2002 ++)  Late ... but better than never ... Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry is fascinating. In fact the whole topic of Industrial Chemistry is timely ... so that's the next project.  The Arc / Axis of Evil is doing some pretty scary things ... hope the leadership will do the right job. Merry Christmans, Happy New Year, Happy Hanuka/Chanuka, Joyous Kwanza ... and on and on ... Lets hope 2003 is really great.
(25 November 2002) Today is the first day of the next generation. We are embarking on an additional value proposition that most people are really captivated by movies and the legislative process. We follow what happens to movie stars and senators with incredible zeal. So here's to value. You could, of course, go directly to the  core.

Yesterday a rather strange occurence ... I ran into a Markov generator for words .. and this is what is supplied: dewdly gasolved semiramish opers shadoweling blookiness marchandomness withsoner dottingling attriber agoning reserpe mather etherals famis bewits subtitlefront confidinnerealed batt librevels wausadering anism thout boatswalloquy peaseptic geries disherate countenably minatement tunical nurturally sentrict ille subnetworked orphicalls mids ironsolize sheeded federatively baxterpe remonial unic precipitabilliograth stery exchangaroqueductives separising comprisian gigawake vaudevillan bushed pathoughts thrist ono disregatesians trustwortable aniseptic lutzpah instage corries counterpinee bure conness dwelline subcomponer baroo mon beauthoric anges hearsecutions barnstein randered poretta unwitch dempotent millatis metable mimicklayers roboticulator substicity sepay scorettabled kenilworthine couragile dancemenessive wain salaikas finate sentanderailing mcfaddities scriberace winse bureomycinnama climbecisels dinny kess instanding plastically fernically psychosphoricater reat deling chimmler purts envisarming parities kangaroosteriousnessly interrace poisonian ries intimaternally minates surrendean pursements tuniformalenerositive soundaries sprigending carb perichicago fugities backsandomization somestoga cerebelling preferest ransieger hofficeabilities terration untener subrandomination majestoga loudestrict inspectious artinglishmenessly escheralding redefied hilayer parago accordainy chilippe regaint calidated hoverhearsatechnical neurotician stutener fortably fiddlest peripturally inlinema sharpeness cered ethanged grath wondrops buting multiprocessolved potations pering reimbureaujolais trinketing aberg buttributing ress remarylander stupenders atrocess sters dinnectively whipment dively basketings mollusia vering marigendgame paragraphy elace tightseepin certing gendangling musicialty atomator psychosphosphered enstein parklanded climbel diverter ellular

Strange, isn't it?

(23 November 2002 ++) Policy Making and Analysis  that a different spin cycle Motivated by a good look at  Looking at what happened in the 106th Congress, and yes also the 105th.  Are you ready for a stroll down memory lane?

(17 November 2002 ++) Econometrics  what is this all about?    Is this a way to look at society? What about Maxwell's Demons? We have to leave it to another time.

(11 November 2002 +) Psychohistory?  Radiants?  Why the GAP? Is it the Storm? Is it Lem ( later): No ... is blogging a fad?  Not to some ..Well today's additions included a cyberode to McLuhan . Marshall that is ... and the imannent ramifications (sp?)at the actors' ranch. By the way Umberto Eco new book Baudolino is finally out.   What's worth looking into ... the New SuperGUN ... namely, the DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER ... you can save lives with it, you can affect the national agenda (did you catch the walmart video that captivated the nation with images of child punishment ... did you e-mail your tornado video clip ... just awesome.  check these out. The Band of Brothers DVD is pretty cool, and so is The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Platinum Series Extended Edition Collector's Gift Set)  DVD treat ...
(15 September 2002 +) Psychohistory: Hari Seldon’s dead hand? Donald Kingsbury Psychohistorical Crisis got a bum rap. IN reality -- its great!  Publishers Weekly's review states "For all its ambitions, this work lacks the great storytelling qualities of Asimov's trilogy and captures only some of its ambience." - and ... - for my money the Kingsbury treatment of Psychohistory and its implications are more direct and robust. Asimov is great ... but he started drfiting towards unusal mental powers and gaia arguments, where Kingsbury doesn't require such crutches. Perhaps the Gaia hypothesis has merit, but its not needed for a good yarn. Kingsbury uses some rather sophisticated and deep underlying principles of logic. Its definitely worth a read!
Costruction and DeConstruction?  Albert-László Barabási writes about the New Science of Networks while the ever present A.I. suggests that Lawrence Lessig's The Future of Ideas: The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World is somehow weakly or strongly connected ... The semantic purchasing webs rule.
Do you ever wonder How Our Laws are Made? Who's representing us -- take a look at  States and the 107th Congress .
(22 August 2002 +) Its been a while ... but Mathematics Rules!  Find out why.   Does On the Road make any sense? As Dersh would say ... you be the George   ... and that's the path to law.   Well, its time to promote education. For that  we turn to enhanced federally sanctioned public domain ERIC Digests.
(09 August 2002 +) FREEDOM !/? What is freedom? A Platonic Ideal? Freedom from opression? Freedom from want? Freedom from Pain? Freedom from intrusion? These are all "freedom-from"s.  There's also the "freedom-to"s. Freedom to think? Freedom to assemble? Freedom to mispel Fredom? Friedom, Fridom? Freedam? Fredame? Free for all? Such an attractive idea.  Free Lunch? Is there such a thing as free-lunch? Where is it served? Why? Free spirits? Free souls? Free sex? Free enterprise? Free is good? Free is bad? Free Fries with a hamburger? Is it worth its return on investment?
(what is that gadget ... it's seems like the latest  "in thing" - Addico Milano Special Edition Cool & Cold Water Cooler),
(04 August 2002 +)  Just found out the " 'Mediterranean diet' as a means of preventing atherosclerotic vascular disease is gaining increasing acceptance. As early as in the late 1950s, it was found that the inhabitants of Greece and Southern Italy had a very low incidence of coronary artery disease and that, among other components, their diets were very rich in oleic acid, the main constituent of the olive oil, making up about 29% of their daily caloric intake. It is now clear that, in addition to its relatively minor effects on cholesterol levels, oleic acid directly interferes with the inflammatory response characterising early atherogenesis due to the endothelial expression of adhesion molecules for circulating monocytes. "(see Olive Oil )  WOW! ... Also, adolescent patients participating in controlled tests for treatment of migrane experienced a similar reduction in frequency, duration, and severity of headaches during treatment with fish oil and during treatment with olive oil. Quite incredible! Look here for details.   Ftrain has a really funny story about the googlebot robot
(01 August 2002) §23.2 Reports "Friend or Foe" show reveals some ugly truths about human nature. Many press the Foe button .... I guess they've never heard of the Prisoner's Dilemma ... Oh well. Added the top tools2  directory for increased convenience in finding some of the tools ... more to be added later.
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