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Friends of Sequoias

Friends, you too can help promote the cause of Sequoia Preservation.

Why ... Its rather simple ... Sequoias are majestic entities who've lived on this earth for thousands of years.  Imagine that.  Until we (modern humans) came to interfere in the Sequoias' habitat, they lived 'peacefully' for thousands of years.  Now they're at risk from our lamentable 'management plans' and pressures of civilzation. 

What do we know? We know that  these incredible entities have lived a long time. Longer than any other multicellular organism.  And they're still alive.  Clearly there's much to learn from them.  Much light to be shed on the biology of longevity.  Much light to be shed on environments conducive to longevity.  Much information stored in their cellular matrix.  Much more than we might be able to articulate with our meager language.  Its less than a century that we've begun to understand DNA.  A century that might be like a memory of Sequoia childhood.  In another century,  we'll more than likely be able to articulate and pose a few more interesting questions that we can't even conceive today.  Wouldn't it be a cosmological shame if there were no Sequoias a hundred years from now?

What can you do? Well, first you can start reflecting on the wonder of the Sequoias.  You can tell your family, friends, and associates.  You can help place Sequoia Science on the policy agenda.   You can help by providing links to works on Sequoias.   You can help by providing links to images of Sequoias.  You can link to this page.  (send link URLs to em-at-llpoh-dot-org)

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More to come



Started 7/23/02